Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, also referred to as acupressure, is a form of therapeutic massage in which pressure is applied with the thumbs and palms to those areas of the body used in acupuncture. Concepts of shiatsu hold that it can promote health and facilitate healing by correcting energy imbalances in the body. These imbalances are corrected by applying pressure to specific points along channels in the body known as meridians.

Our Pricing

  • 60 Minutes $120
  • 90 Minutes $160

Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage Include:

• Deep muscle and tissue relaxation
• Stress reduction and management
• Releases toxins from the body
• Disease prevention
• Increased flexibility
• Improved blood circulation
• Reduces blood pressure
• Reduces mental anxieties
• Balances chi
• Calms nervousness
• Increases mental and spiritual awareness

*Please inform the receptionist or your technician of any and all allergies to nuts, fruits, herbs, milk, etc. or if you are sensitive to certain scents and if you are pregnant or may be come pregnant before your appointment to avoid any discomfort or complications.