All Natural Day Spa is a woman-owned business established by Gloria Maciel, who has over 30Body-Scrub years of experience in the spa and salon industry.  Gloria was previously a high tech professional who gravitated to her new industry due to her passion in integrating beauty and wellness.  She is trained and certified in different areas of the business such as hair care, body care, and massage therapy.  Gloria believes that the body can heal itself.  In order for the body to heal itself, it needs proper care and maintenance that many of us tend to forget.  Just like one would change oil and inspect fluids in the car, our bodies need proper nutrition, exercise, and care.  Massages and detoxification processes are key means to properly care for our bodies.  Having a routine care schedule helps maintain one’s wellness and All Natural Day Spa has created packages that provide discounts to encourage clients maintain proper care while having fun. All Natural Day Spa is a team of women who professionally and passionately give clients outstanding spa experience through different types of massages, facials, and detoxification.  Hair and nail care are also offered to enhance clients’ well-being. All Natural Day Spa certified therapists use techniques, processes, and ingredients aligned with its mission to naturally and holistically integrate beauty and wellness.  Its facilities are kept cleaned and sanitized while practicing recommended Covid19 Protocol.  Patients can request their technician to use mask if desired. Visit our website at WWW.AllNaturalDaySpa.Net for comprehensive list of our products and services.