Medical Massage

Medical Massage

“This is not a full body massage”

Medical massage is an outcome-based massage, primarily the use of specific somatic techniques to treat and target specific chronic conditions that a client presents with a Doctors appointed diagnosis and are administered after a thorough assessment evaluation by the medical-massage therapist with specific outcomes being the basis for treatment.  

This massage is designed to cater to the specific diagnosis and area specified and is not a full body massage. Client must have clearance from physician to receive this type of massage.

Additional Benefits 

  • Stimulates blood flow to injured or surgical area due to stagnation of disruption to nerves and soft tissue to local area.
  • Breaks up and prevents scar tissue build up.
  • Creates increase of range of motion.
  • Can help prevent atrophy of the soft tissue and ligaments.
  • Helps in decreasing pain or discomfort.

Our Pricing

  • 1 hr Medical Massage $85

*Please inform the receptionist or your technician of any and all allergies to nuts, fruits, herbs, milk, etc. or if you are sensitive to certain scents and if you are pregnant or may be come pregnant before your appointment to avoid any discomfort or complications.