Alfaparf Hair Care Products


NEW FROM ALFAPARF! Thanks to the innovative formulations rich in carefully selected and balanced active ingredients, the Semi Di Lino line acts on the 3 states of the fiber, to satisfy its specific requirements and follow a customized program to reach its optimal state.

The range’s products contain Organic Prickly Pear Oil, an exclusive ingredient used since ancient times for the exceptional properties contained in the fruit’s seeds. The range is also preservative, paraben-, coloring- and allergen-free.

Ideal for all hair types.

The absolute oil has outstanding detangling and conditioning properties. The oil guarantees instantly tangle-free and soft, glossy hair that is as light as silk. It protects the hair shaft and reduces drying and styling times.

Absolute Oil 34.00

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The innovative sulphate-free Anti-Frizz oil shampoo has a delicate cleansing action with an intense detangling and disciplining effect to leave hair soft, supple, and extremely easy to comb.

Anti-Frizz Shampoo 18.00

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The Anti-Frizz mask is an intensive treatment that brings softness and discipline to combat the frizzy hair. Hair stays soft, shiny, and in place at all times.

Anti-Frizz Mask 24.00

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The Anti-Frizz Eco-Mousse is an ultra-light fluid that turns into an mousse to discipline and counter the frizz of curly hair. The Anti-Frizz Fluid reduces volume and protects hair against humidity and keeps it smooth.

Anti-Frizz Eco-Mousse 20.00 Anti-Frizz Fluid 20.00

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Is your color quickly fading away or changing reflexions?

Is your color not much intense and dull?


Use the every day SEMI DI LINO COLOR PROTECTION – The ultimate technological frontier for color protection.

Salt and Sulfate free Shampoo, it gently cleans while maintaining the cosmetic color. Its special formula provides the hair with softness and shine. Conditioning cream brings perfect moisture to hair lengths. Its innovative formula guarantees maximum color protection. Provide the hair with an incredible shine effect.


Do you want your hairstyle to always be perfect? Do you Want shine and protection for your hair?


SEMI DI LINO DIAMANTE Ultra Sine Fashion Styling Products


The ultimate brilliance of a diamond: the exclusive combination of Semi di Lino unique shine and the most avant-garde technology if fixing resins. Avant-guard technology that molds and fixes the hair with Semi di Lino unique shine. Its micro-crystal formulas create and define every kind of styling. The Illuminating Smoothing Cream is a heat protective microcrystalline cream ideal for quick, straight styles and a high gloss effect. The formula is anti-frizz and goes to work immediately on soft hair without weighing it down. Rich in thermo-protective Agents, this formula defends hair from the heat of the flat iron and blow-dryer, leaving it soft and silky.


Have “normal” hair? Make it extraordinary!

The unprecedented shine and a revitalizing action on the cuticle from Alfaparf’s Diamond area collection will keep your hair in tip-top condition with extraordinary shine!

Semi Di Lino Diamond – Absolute hair shine perfectionist

Illuminating Essential Oil An intensive treatment that amplifies light, it reduces the roughness on the surface of the hair shaft and seals the cuticles to deliver unprecedented shine. 52.00

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Illuminating Shine Lotion Intensive replenishing and finishing treatment that delivers elasticity and restores the hair’s natural shine. 52.00

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Cristalli Liquidi

An infinite touch of light, a fully-blown, instant hair make-over for immediate shocking gloss. In addition, it protects against humidity and harsh external agents that leave the hair full and brittle. The hair shines with new life and becomes tangle-free and irresistible to touch.

1.69 FL. OZ 34.00

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Illuminating Conditioner

Detangles whilst enhancing light, for ultra-lightweight, glossy hair that reveals all its extraordinary shine.

8.45 FL. OZ 18.00

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Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid

Lends extreme, instant shine while protecting cosmetic color to prolong its shine and intensity. Also detangles hair, prevents split ends, protects against humidity, and simplifies blow-drying by reducing drying times.

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Cristalli Spray

Same as the Cristalli Liquidi, only in spray format. An infinite touch of light, a fully-blown, instant hair make-over for immediate shocking gloss. In addition, it protects against humidity and harsh external agents that leave the hair full and brittle. The hair shines with new life and becomes tangle-free and irresistible to touch.

4.22 FL. OZ. 20.00

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Illuminating Shampoo

An embrace full of light in the hair. A soft, replenished hair shaft with immediate, long-lasting shine.

8.45 FL. OZ 18.00

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Illuminating Mask

Provides the hair shaft with intense revitalization for soft, fluid hair that diffuses an intense and vibrant shine.

6.76 FL. OZ. 18.00

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Have damaged, fragile and brittle hair?

Reconstruction area products from Alfaparf replenish the hair deep down with active ingredients that work directly inside the core of the shaft: the cortex, without compromising shine.


Semi Di Lino Reconstrucion – Intense repair shine therapy

Reparative Lotion

Treatment that instantly repairs damage to brittle, fragile hair. From the very first application, the structure appears more resistant and compact. When used daily, the hair regains its natural vigour.

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SOS Emergency Oil

Dedicated to damages and weakened hair, a professional treatment that replenishes deep down. The hair, which is repaired from within, appareas stong and incredibly more elastic.

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Daily Anti-Breakage Fluid

Day-after-day it continues the repair process, sealing the cuticles and creating a protective barrier. The hair is fuller, without losing any of its fluidity or softness.

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Reparative Shampoo

The first phrase of “rebirth.” It acts on the core of the fibre to overcome the deficiency of any lacking elements.

Reparative Mask

Consolidates, strengthens and replenishes, increasing resistance to breakage. Brittle hair is replenished and gradually reacquires its natural beauty.

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Have dry and tangled hair?

Hair becomes dry when it loses the correct level of moisture and nutrition. Alfaparf’s Moisture area collection re-establishes the right hydro-level in the heart of the shaft, the lipid cement.


Semi Di Lino Moisture – Perfect nutrition shine therapy

Nutritive Essential Oil

Multi-level nutritional shock treatment that energetically counters dehydration for hair that is surprisingly soft and sensual with renewed vitality.

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Nutritive Leave-in Conditioner

Thanks the nutrients, gently softens the hair shaft and increases the hair’s malleability.

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Split Ends Recovery Fluid

Specific product developed for the most fragile part of dry hair: the ends. Seals dry, split ends forming an invisible film that coats and prevent the splitting of the hair shaft. Can be used on damp or dry hair.

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Nutritive Shampoo

Cleansing and nourishment without the hair lank, for the softness and silkiness typical of healthy hair.

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